Polyurethane Roller Duroller

Industrial & Engineering Plastics


Precision Punch & Plastics

Super tough Dual durometer Duroller. Stock size rollers with a standard OD roller of 90 A durometer polyurethane and a 75 D bearing grade self‐lubricating polyurethane on the core. Standard length of the rollers are 20” long. The OD tire of the has superior cut resistance and shock absorption properties. For special applications other durometer OD’s are available.

Easy to customize Durollers machine easily both OD and ID on standard shop equipment.

Impact Resistance: Duroller is made from a superior grade urethane that can take impact and
shock loads without deforming.

Noise reduction: Durollers are lighter weight and operate quieter than traditional rollers.

Dry Running: In many applications Durollers can be run without lubrication.

See technical Data for recommended PV values.

Resistant to Oil, water and solvents

Non‐marking: roller surface with not mark or scratch surfaces.


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