(Acrylite®, Plexiglas®, Lucite®, Polycast®, Optix®, PMMA)

Standard Colors:
Natural (clear), smoked grey, white, black

Key Features:
Good optical clarity, weather resistant, good surface hardness, good appearance.

Windows, signs, store displays, equipment guards, decorative shelving.

Machines good and laser cuts excellent, vacuum formable, easily glued, formed and painted.

Special Grades:
Acrylite® AR & GAR, OP-3 & UF-3, Non-glare P-99 & GL-99, Pre-shrunk acrylic sheet – Poly II & Acrylite® GMS.

Specifications Met:
ASTM D-702, Cast acrylics meet ASTM D-4802, Some acrylics meet FDA 21 CFR177.1010, Pre-shrunk acrylic meets MIL-P-5425, Stretched acrylic meets MIL-P-25690.

Acrylic Sheet Sizes:

  • 24″ x 48″
  • 48″ x 48″
  • 48″ x 96″
  • 51″ x 100″
  • 60″ x 96″

Acrylic Sheet Thickness Available:

  • .030″ – 6.00″ thick

Acrylic Rod Diameters:

  • 1/16″ diameter – 6″

Acrylic Rod Lengths:

  • 5 ft.
  • 10 ft.

Acrylite®, Plexiglas® are registered trademarks of Evonik.

Polycast® is a registered trademark of Spartech Corp.

Optix® is a registered trademark of Plaskolite Corp.

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