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PEEK Special Grades

(Victrex®, Ketaspire®, VestaKeep®, Ketron®, TECAPEEK®, SUSTAPEEK®, polyetheretherkeytone)

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Special Grades

Limited Sizes Stocked for special grades email or call for availability and pricing . Normal lead time 1-2 weeks.

Largest Sheet & Plate Size available 24” x 48”

Other Sizes 12” x 24” , 12” x 48” , 24” x 24”

See PEEK Sheet / Plate Stock for available thickness .
See PEEK Rod/ Tube Stock for available diameters and lengths


  • Glass fiber reinforced 30%
  • Increased mechanical strength and stiffness. Also improved creep strength and dimensional stability.
  • Resin Meets: ASTM D4000 PEEK, MIL-P-46183 TY III CL.3, excp. Elong.
  • Stock shapes specification: ASTM D6262 S-PAEK0121

PEEK CF30 Black

  • Carbon filled 30%
  • Grades available with high wear fillers. The carbon fibre filler increases compressive strength, stiffness, and dimensional stability. Also provides greater thermal conductivity allow for increase dissipation of heat.
  • Resin meets: ASTM D4000 PEEK0000C30G85300
  • Stock Shapes specification: ASTM D6262 S-PAEK0130


  • Ultra Detectable (optical, metal and X-Ray detectable)
  • Easily identified in contaminated batches for food equipment.
  • FDA compliant.

Ketaspire® is a registered trademark of Solvay.

Ketron® is a registered trademark of MCAM (Mitubusi Corp. Advanced Materials).

Victrex® is a registered trademark of Victrex PEEK polymers.

VestaKeep® is a registered trademark of Evonik

TECAPEEK®  is a registered trademark of Ensinger

SUSTAPEEK® is a registered trademark of Rochling Engineering Plastics

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