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Vulcanized Fibre

(fishpaper/fish paper, FORBORN®, Vulcanex®)

Vulcanized Fibre is a laminated plastic made of cellulose. It was first patented in Great Britain in the 1850s and is notable today for its use of renewable materials in its production. Read on to learn about the key specifications of this versatile plastic then contact us for a quote!


Standard Colors:

grey, black

Key Features:

High strength, handles shock and impact well, good dielectric and arc strength.


Washers, gaskets, electrical insulators, motors, coils, and transformers.


Machines and cuts easily, forms, punches, and die cuts well.

Special Grades:


Specifications Met:

  • ASTM D-710
  • NEMA VU-1
  • MIL-F-1148
  • MIL-I-695
  • MIL-F-10336
  • MIL-I-13526

Shapes and Sizes

Vulcanized Fibre Sheet Sizes:

  • 50″ x 84″

Vulcanized Fibre Sheet Thickness Available:

  • .010″ – 1″ thick

Vulcanized Fibre Tubing:

  • 1/8″ – 4 3/4″ OD with 1/32″ to 1/2″ walls

Vulcanized Fibre Tubing Lengths:

  • 4 ft.

FORBORN® is a registered trademark of NVF Company.

Vulcanex® is a registered trademark of Oliner Fibre.

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