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Delrin® Special Grades

Limited Sizes Stocked for special grades email or call for availability and pricing 

Sizes for Sheet & Plate 

  • 12” x 24” 
  • 12” x 48” ,
  • 24” x 24” 
  • 24” x 48” – Largest Sheet & Plate Size  available 

Thicknesses and Diameter

Available Sheet & Plate Thicknesses:

Available Rod Diameters and Lengths:

Delrin® 100 AF blend – (color brown)

Teflon® Fibre filled Delrin® self-lubricating, high wear, low friction. Excellent slip friction performance and abrasion resistance.

Specifications Met: Delrin® 100 AF blend resin meets ASTM D6778 POM0110L13B45340 superseding ASTM D4181 POM110L13A21220 or ASTM D4181 POM 110L13A00000

Stock shape specification: D6100 S-POM0132

Delrin® 500 AF blend – (color brown)

similar to Delrin® 100 AF blend but has a more crystalline structure which leads to a little higher strength and modulus and improved machining.

Specifications Met: Delrin® 500 AF blend resin meets ASTM D6778 POM0100L13A00000

Stock shapes specification: ASTM D6100 S-POM010301939400 6,800 psi, 340,000 psi

Tecaform®AD HPV-13 – (color brown)

Lower cost alternative to Delrin® AF blends, high wear 13% PTFE powder-filled Delrin®

Specifications Met: resin ASTM D6678 POM0110 L 13 B57230 superseding ASTM D4181 POM110L 13A00000

Stock shapes specifications: ASTM D6100 S-POM0132

* Tecaform® AD HPV13 MEETS FDA 21CFR177.2480

Delrin® 570

20% glass filled, improved strength & stiffness, better dimensional stability, lower creep

Specifications Met: Delrin® 570 resin meets D6778 POM0110G20A22220 Z01, UM19, PM2.2, Y73, Z01 superseding  D4181 POM110G20A9990 UM19, PM2.2, Y73 Z01

Stock shapes specification: ASTM D6100 S-POM0100G201125453

Delrin® 550/ 511P

enhanced crystallization improved fatigue strength, stiffness, creep & abrasion resistance

Specifications Met: resin meets ASTM D6778 POM0113 supersedes D4181

Stock shape specification: ASTM D6100 S-POM0112

* Delrin® 550/511P complies with FDA 21CFR177.2480, NSF Standard 61 and USDA.

Delrin® 507/527

UV enhanced black, very good resistance to UV radiation and weather

Specifications Met: Resin meets ASTM D 6778 POM132 superseding ASTM D4181 POM132

Stock shape specification: ASTM D6100 S-POM01601222434

UL File# E41938 for Resin & Flammability

Delrin® AF DE588

20% PTFE-filled acetal

US Navy certified, meets Navsea 5959311 rev C Navsea 803-4384678 rev B & C

Specifications Met: compliance to the requirements of ASTM D6100-14 S-POM0143, NAVSEA, complete traceability to resin lot and batch


Delrin® is a registered trademark of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company.

Teflon® is a registered trademark of E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company

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