(Adiprene®, Airthane®, Versathane®, Andur®, Isoplast® 301, 302)
Polyurethane Selector Guide

Urethane Product Selector

Standard Colors:
Natural (translucent amber) colored code durometers Red95A, Green 80A, amber 60A.

Key Features:
Good mechanical and dynamic properties, good cut, tear and abrasion resistance, good impact strength, low compression set, superior load bearing capacity, wide range of physical properties, bowling ball hard to jelly soft.

Strippers, gaskets, bumpers, springs, rollers, metal forming dies, wheels, seals, belts, chute liners, wiper blades, gears, bearings.

Harder durometers machine and cut easily, waterjet, diecutting.

Special Grades:
Polyester higher physical properties and cut and tear. Polyethers better water, dynamic and higher temperature properties. Isoplast® 301, 302 – rigid thermoplastic polyurethane. FDA grades, high temperature, flame resistant grades, ESD and conductive grades.

Specifications Met:

Polyurethane Sheet Sizes:

  • 12″ x 12″
  • 24″ x 48″
  • 48″ x 48″
  • 48″ x 96″

Polyurethane Sheet Thickness Available:

  • .020″ – 8.00″ thick

Polyurethane Sheet Thickness Tolerances:

  • .020″ – 3/16″ +/-.010″
  • 1/4″ – 3/8″ +/-.015
  • 3/8″ – 4″ +/-5%

Polyurethane Rod Diameters:

  • 1/4″ – 16″ sufficient to finish

Polyurethane Rod Lengths:

  • 4 ft.

Adiprene® is a registered trademark of Chemtura Corporation.

Airthane®, Versathane® are registered trademarks of Air Products.

Isoplast® is a registered trademark of Dow.

Andur® is a registered trademark of Anderson Development Company.

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