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Polyurethane Dual Durometer Rollers

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Examples of polyurethane rollers

(Duroller, Instaroll®, Versarolls)

Super Tough Dual Durometer Polyurethane Rollers

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Dual Durometer Rollers (also known as polyurethane rollers) are produced by bonding together two high performance urethane compounds. The inner hub (ID, or inner diameter) is a very hard urethane (75D black) with special additives to produce a self-lubricating bearing. A tough, wear-resistant urethane tire (90A red is standard) encases the core and provides superior cut resistance and shock absorption. Contact us today for a quote!

Key Attributes

  • Standard length is 20″ long.
  • Softer outer cores (85A-30A) available as custom runs. Also, special lengths or non-standard IDs and ODs may be also run as customs (note sometimes tooling charges are required).
  • Easy to customize: Dual Durometer Rollers both OD (outer diameter) and ID (inner diameter/axle diameter) can be easily machined on standard shop equipment. (ODs softer than 80A may require freezing or grinding.)
  • Impact Resistance: Dual Durometer Rollers are made from high grade urethanes.
  • Noise reduction: Dual Durometer Rollers operate quieter than traditional rollers.
  • Dry Running: In many applications, these rollers can be run without lubrication. (See technical data for recommended PV values.)
  • Resistant to Oil, Water, and Solvents
  • Non‐Marking: Roller surface will not mark or scratch surfaces, unlike metallic or rubber rollers.

Typical Applications

  • Car Wash Rollers
  • Conveyors
  • Wire Guide Rollers
  • Conveyor System Drive Rollers
  • Diverter Rollers on Package Handling Systems
  • Rollers on Paper and Plastic Slitting Equipment
  • Equipment
  • Cloth Feed Rollers
  • Labeling Machine Rollers
  • Driver Rollers in Lumber Cutting Machinery
  • Glass

Instaroll® is a registered trademark of Clarke Rubber & Rubber LTD.

Versaroll is a product of Acutech.

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